PMP (Project Management Professional) 國際認可證書課程

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Course Information

  • 20 Apr 2024 (Sat) - 11 May 2024 (Sat) 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Registration period
5 Feb 2024 (Mon) - 20 Apr 2024 (Sat)
HKD 3,990
Study Mode
36 Hour(s)
Cantonese, English
九龍旺角亞皆老街 109 號皆旺商業大廈 18 樓 1802 - 1807 室

Course Overview

課程費用: HK$3,990 (無須申請基金資助)
課程名稱: PMP® (Project Management Professional®) 國際認可證書課程
- 簡稱:PMP® Training Course
課程時數: 共 36 小時課堂 (共 12 堂)
適合人士: 現職項目管理的人士
授課語言: 以廣東話為主,輔以英語
課程筆記: 由資深講師 Nethril Lam 及 Franco Tsang 親自編寫英文筆記


PM0361H1 第 1 部份課程:  16/03 - 13/04   六 6:30pm - 9:30pm $1,330 
PM0361H2 第 2 部份課程:  20/04 - 11/05   六 6:30pm - 9:30pm $1,330
PM0361H3 第 3 部份課程:  18/05 - 08/06   六 6:30pm - 9:30pm $1,330

What You’ll Learn

課程名稱:PMP® (Project Management Professional®) 國際認可證書課程
- 簡稱:PMP® Training Course

The Standard for Project Management

The standards are the set of recognized values, terminology, which is used in the project management.

Project Organization and Life Cycle

Differences between pure project, functional or traditional organization.
What a project life cycle is and what will be the deliverable.

Project Management Process (A process that takes inputs, processes them, and produces outputs.)

Detail and unique characteristic of the initiation process, the planning process, the execution process and the closeout process.

Project Integration Management (As project is divided into various processes, it must be viewed and planned in a whole to be success.)

How to develop project charter, project scope statement and project management plan.
Tutor will share the experience of how to direct and manage the project execution and integrate change control.

Project Scope Management (Most of the project failure is caused by undefined scope.)

Understand the basic concept of scope planning, scope definition, scope verification and scope control.
Creation of WBS for handling a project scope easily.

Project Schedule Management (Every project has its time frame, which is critical distinguish between project success and failure.)

How to define activities, sequence activities and duration estimation.
Tutor will share his working experience on how realistic schedule can be verified and control to prevent project slippage.

Project Cost Management (Every company needs to earn money to survive. Project slippage or fail to estimate the cost will cause disaster to the company.)

How cost is estimated and control.
Budget plan

Project Quality Management (A project cannot be completed if it cannot pass the UAT)

Tight quality control to get pass the UAT (User Acceptance Test).
How to develop a quality plan.
How to manage quality and perform quality control on the project.

Project Resource Management (Manage the suitable resources with correct skill set is the only way to success in a project.)

How to manage both team resources and physical resources.
Tutor will share his experience on how to do resource planning, acquire resources and manage the project team.

Project Communications Management (To success in a project, a clear communication and reporting channel must be set up.)

How to create a communication plan, having information distribute and how performance can be report to appropriate people

Project Risk Management (Everything can be planned, but unexpected will always arise during a project.)

A risk management plan
Properly identify and analyze the risk
As project manager of many public projects, tutor has extensive experience to share on how to response to various risks, bring them under control.

Project Procurement Management (As project goes complicated and there is time that a company cannot handle it on its own.)

Procurement of material and service.
Plan purchases and acquisitions, drafting contract and select best seller and administrate the service provider.

Project Stakeholder Management (As many stakeholder involved in the project, how to handle them?)

Classification of different stakeholders and distinguish their differences
Select the best method to actively manage the stakeholder engagement

Project Management Principles

A set of statements that guide the actions and behaviors of project management practitioners

The course content above may change at any time without notice in order to better reflect the content of the examin

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