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  • 17 Aug 2024 (Sat) 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration period
8 Feb 2024 (Thu) - 17 Jul 2024 (Wed)
HKD 2,500
(Tuition fee for Non-members: HK$2,500
Tuition fee for Members: HK$2,350)
Study Mode
8 Hour(s)

Course Overview

Nowadays, seeking better consumer protection is an irreversible trend. The Sale of Goods Ordinance (SOGO) was enacted to implement the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in Hong Kong. It became effective from 1 December 2022 onwards. Consumers in Hong Kong are now under the complete protection of this contract for the sale of goods regardless of the value. The protection of consumers' rights for purchasing goods includes but is not limited to correspondence with description, merchantable quality and fitness for purposes. Along with the rapid development of technology, the application of SOGO has already extended from tangible mediums to online purchases. This workshop aims to enhance buyers' knowledge about their rights against information asymmetries, exploitation of consumers' behavioral biases, fraudulent and unfair commercial practices, as well as the proliferation of unsafe products.

What You’ll Learn

• Sale of Goods Ordinance (Cap 26)  

• Legal definition of goods (Section 2(1)) 

• Contract for sale (Section3(1))  

• Express terms vs. implied terms  

• Conditions vs. warranties  

• Definition of consumers  

• Right to sell (Section 14)  

• Correspondence with description (Section 15)  

• Merchantable quality (Section 16(2))  

• Fitness for purpose (Section 16(3))  

• Correspondence with sample quality (Section 17)  

• Situations deemed to accept goods (Section 37)  

• Right to examine goods  

• Remedies to buyers  

• Practical case discussion

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