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Course Information

  • 15 May 2024 (Wed) - 22 May 2024 (Wed)
Registration period
16 Feb 2024 (Fri) - 15 May 2024 (Wed)
HKD 1,680
Study Mode
6 Hour(s)
Room 603 Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen's Road East Wanchai, Hong Kong

Course Overview

Excel Function is the integral part in spreadsheet calculation. Knowing how to write Excel formulas is an essential skill in today competitive world. It helps users manage huge volume of data and simplify complex calculations.

The Excel Formulas and Functions course is suitable for those who want to write excel formulas in the following areas, logic, database, text and date, and finance or will use the Excel VBA in their spreadsheets.

Graded exercises are used throughout the class which allows users follow the lessons with confidence, the adoption of small class size teaching approach can further enhance the overall learning experience of our students.


What You’ll Learn

  • Building formulas
  • Working with links in formulas
  • Formatting numbers, dates and times
  • Understanding Excel’s error values
  • Handling errors
  • Working with Math functions
  • Working with text functions
  • Working with date and time functions
  • Working with Financial functions
  • Working with Logical functions
  • Working with lookup functions


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