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Executive Certificate in Big Data & Data Analytics

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Course Information

  • 23 May 2024 (Thu)
Registration period
9 Apr 2024 (Tue) - 22 May 2024 (Wed)
HKD 4,100
(HKMA Member: HK$3,600
Non-member: HK$4100
Study Mode
15 Hour(s)
8 Hoi Wang Road Mongkok (West) KOWLOON

Course Overview

In the era of Big Data and Data Analytics, companies hold more data and information about their business environments than ever before. I ncreasingly, these companies are recognising the role of data science in leveraging current and historical data and out-thinking competitors. As a result, there is a growing demand for executives who have advanced Big Data and Data Analytics skills and the ability to make informed decisions that drive organisational success. 

This course will explore those essential tools and techniques on Big Data & Data Analytics. Advanced topics like Machine Learning and AI will be introduced as well. The course comprises theories, case studies, exercise and experience sharing that would certainly help executives and employees to polish and improve their Big Data Analytics skills in an ever changing business world.

What You’ll Learn


1: Introduction to Big Data

1.1 Basic Concepts of Big Data and 7 ‘V’s of Big Data
• What’s Big Data
• 7 ‘V’s of Big Data

1.2 Big Data Infrastructure and Tools
• Hadoop
• Spark
• HBase
• Kafka
• TensorFlow

2: Introduction to Data Analytics

2.1 Basic Concepts of Python for Data Analysis
• Function and Libraries

2.2 Data Types and Libraries / Models
• List, Dictionary, Tuples and Sets
• Data Frames

3: Application of Big Data and Data Analytics in Business

3.1 Quantitative Analysis for Business
• Data Import and Export, Data Cleansing
and Analysis

3.2 Statistics / Models / Simulations
• Basic Statistics
• Predictive Models
• Simulations

4: Big Data as Digital Asset

4.1 Big Data Acquisition using Open Data APIs
• Acquisition Data via Basic Python Libraries

4.2 Real Time Data Asset and Analysis: Time Series,
Algo and Quantitative Data
• Time Series Data Analysis via Python Libraries
• Introduction to Algo and Quantitative Trading

5: Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

5.1 Case Studies for Business Applications using Machine
Learning and AI
• Logistics
• Airline
• Financial
• Education, etc

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