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Workplace Mindfulness – Certified Mindfulness Coach Training

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  • 20 Jul 2024 (Sat) - 3 Aug 2024 (Sat) 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Registration period
20 May 2024 (Mon) - 19 Jul 2024 (Fri)
HKD 12,800
(Course Fee HK$12,800
*(Early-bird: HK$11,520, applicable on or before 12 Jul 2024))
Course Level
Study Mode
27 Hour(s)
HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon

Course Overview

Course Detail
Discover the benefits of mindfulness and become a certified mindfulness coach.

Upon graduation, you will be able to practice mindfulness on your own, lead mindfulness activity and workshop at your workplace, and become mindfulness coach at your organization.

In this certified course you will learn mindfulness theories, formal and informal Mindfulness practices, workplace applications for performance and wellness, and also implementation of Mindfulness in workplace.

Embrace the benefits of mindfulness and Join us to take the first step in bringing mindfulness to your workplace.

What You’ll Learn

Online Video Learning Session 1 (1 Hour)
Examples of Mindfulness applications at commercial settings
Basic Mindfulness theories and practices
Common misunderstandings about Mindfulness
Neuroscience perspective of Mindfulness
The barriers of nurturing Mindfulness culture at organizations
  Online Video Learning Session 2 (1 Hour)
9 Attitudes of Mindfulness
Thoughts, Emotions, and Bodily Sensations
Handling distraction during practice
  Online Video Learning Session 3 (1 Hour)
Open-monitoring practice
Burnout @workplace – Awareness and Prevention
Face-to-Face Training Day 1 (8 hours)
Inquiry in Mindfulness workshop
Informal practice & integration with daily work & life
Mindfulness and mental wellness
Awareness of Judging
Letting Go practices
Music & Mindfulness
Mindfulness & Happiness
Mindfulness Coach techniques
Activity and workshop leading
Face-to-Face Training Day 2 (8 hours)
Workplace applications
Mindfulness Interventions
Concept integration
Body-Mind interaction
Practicum and exercises
Face-to-Face Training Day 3 (8 hours)
Practicum and assessment
Assignment presentation and discussion

Skills covered in this course

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