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Certificate Program On Sports Marketing

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2 Feb 2021 (Tue) - 2 May 2021 (Sun)
HKD 78
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5 Hour(s)

Course Overview


In-Depth Details Of All The Aspects Concerned About Sports Marketing In The Shortest Possible Time.

This Course Helps Students Gain A Deeper Understanding Of Sports Marketing By Examining In-Depth The Sports Marketing Mix Of Product, Price, Place, And Promotion As Well As Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Market Segmentation, Branding, Sponsorships, Licensing Venue And Event Marketing, Global Sports Marketing, And Public Relations.

The Course Provides Research, Case, Analysis, And Other Opportunities To Learn Of The Effective

Principles, Theories, Practices, And Methods Involved With All Aspects Of Sports Communications.

Basic knowledge

  • No Formal Educational Background Is Required By A Zealous Learner Who Is Willing To Learn About Sports Marketing

What you'll learn

What will you learn

  • Unique Market Types and Segmentation like The Female Market, Cohorts, etc. and segment's effectiveness, Market Selection Strategy, Industry Analyse. SWOT Analysis, Industry Standard Values of CPM,, and Case Studies on Sports Marketing
  • Essential Dimensions of PR and Definitions from Multiple Perspectives, Fun Examples to understand the same, Terms, PR Vs. Publicity. Origins, Objective, Messages House, Mono Dialogue related to PR. Art of Statement Writing
  • Gauging the effectiveness of Publicity, how, and where? Choosing the athlete, case studies, and Regulating the Advertisements
  • Sponsorship Cycle it's Global Spending, Methods, ROI Challenge, Objectives, Measures, Case Study, Properties of Sponsoring, Survey, Measuring Achievements
  • Methodology, Values, Spectrum, Orientations, Key Success Factors, Stages like Assessment, Managers, Plan, Database Management, Policy, and more of Event Marketing
  • Aim of Marketing, What is Marketed ?, Who Markets? , Type of Demand, Type of Markets, Core Marketing Concepts, Marketing Dimensions, 4Ps
  • Type/Categories of Sports Consumers, Their Involvements, Commitment, and Reasons. Marketing Sport Myopia
  • Case Studies, Type of Media, Types of Purpose and Goals, Elements of Promotion, Advertising, Knowing Attention Grabbers, Placements, and selling
  • The need for Fund Raising, Situational Analysis, Identifying Potential Sources, Method Selection for Raising Funds in Sports

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