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Master of Science in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (Part time)

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Course Information

Registration period
28 Mar 2022 (Mon) - 28 Mar 2025 (Fri)
HKD 200,000
Study Mode
3 Year(s)

Course Overview

The Master of Science (MSc) Program seeks to nurture engineering talents with entrepreneurial spirit and design and system thinking mindset so they can start their own business using innovative technologies or to initiate innovation within companies.


The program will empower the student with background and skills required to successfully initiate innovative products or services. The degree is centered around the project – each student, working independently or in a team, will conceptualize and develop a product/service idea during their study period. Along the way, they can enroll in technical courses to build in-depth knowledge about the product domain, helping them to discriminate their ideas and build a market edge. In parallel, they will learn foundations for design, entrepreneurship, leadership, and business via a rich selection of courses. Project supervisors can be selected from among any faculty in HKUST. Students will be equipped with practical details of launching a startup in the Hong Kong and/or The Pearl River Delta (PRD) area via a startup workshop. Successful graduates are expected to make a positive impact towards the development of better society and the world.

On successful completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify a product or service that can make a positive impact in some segment of society;
  2. Use design principles to design the product;
  3. Apply entrepreneurship knowledge to launch a company, if applicable, providing a product/service; and
  4. Work effectively as an entrepreneur, in particular, as product developer or project manager in a product design unit of a corporation.

What You’ll Learn

Minimum Credit Requirement
30 credits

Credit Transfer
Subject to the prior approval of the Program Director, students may be granted credit transfer to the program on a case-by-case basis.

Core Courses
9 credits

MTLE 5001Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship3 Credit(s)
MTLE 5110Product Development and Prototyping3 Credit(s)
MTLE 5810Startup Workshop3 Credit(s)

Elective Courses
12 Credits

Students are required to complete at least 6 credits of Entrepreneurship and Leadership courses and 6 credits of Technology and Science courses.

A list of pre-approved Entrepreneurship and Leadership electives offered in a particular year will be announced at the beginning of each academic year. The elective courses are a selection of entrepreneurship and leadership related courses chosen from the portfolio of the School of Business and Management (SBM), the School of Engineering (SENG), the School of Science (SSCI) and the Division of Public Policy (PPOL).

Students will select the Technology and Science electives related to their projects by consultation with their project advisors.

Students may also take any other relevant courses approved by the Program Director. 

9 Credits

Students are required to conduct a 9-credit project throughout the program, which includes developing a product or service at a level that is sufficiently advanced to form the basis of a startup company.

MTLE 6980Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship Project9 Credit(s)

Part-time students may take a maximum of 9 credits in each term.
Students failing to meet the graduation grade average (GGA) requirement of 2.850 or above are required to repeat or take additional course(s) even if they attain passing grades for all courses.

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