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6 Hour Live Virtual Training on AWS Technical Essentials

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Course Overview

About the Course
This AWS Technical Essentials course teaches you to navigate the AWS management console; understand AWS security measures, storage, and database options; and gain expertise in web services like RDS and EBS. This course, prepared in line with the latest AWS syllabus, will help you become proficient in identifying and efficiently using AWS services.


  • This course will combine an array of interactive learning tools and scenario-based hands on training.
  • Learn the essentials of working with AWS console, account, and services
  • Learn how to build AWS Cloud Infrastructure from the ground up using AWS Services
  • Learn how to expand upon our cloud infrastructure to leverage AWS serverless architecture and much more.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • System Admins
  • IT support engineers
  • IT professionals who are looking to become familiar with AWS

Basic Knowledge:
No prerequisite knowledge needed.

What You’ll Learn

Course Objective :

This AWS Technical Essentials Certification Training course will introduce you to the fundamentals of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform and ensure that you are fully proficient in identifying AWS terminologies, concepts, benefits, and deployment options to meet your business requirements.

Account Basics

Managing AWS Access with Users, Groups, and Roles

Networking Services and Connectivity

Compute Services

Storage Services

Database Services

Monitoring, Alerts, and Notifications

Load Balancing, Elasticity, and Scalability

Serverless Compute

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