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2 Days Live Virtual Training on DevOps with AWS

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Course Information

Course Level
Study Mode
8 Hour(s)

Course Overview

About the Course

DevOps describes a culture and set of processes that brings the development and operations teams together to complete software development.

It allows organizations to create products at a faster pace and DevOps is rapidly gaining popularity. Continuous delivery makes your release processes as efficient and repeatable as possible. DevOps helps you build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. This course will help you embrace the devops culture in your organization/projects.


What You’ll Learn

Course Objective

  1. Learn to implement CICD using AWS services along with various activities and milestones in this journey as:
  2. Create Code Repository
  3. Perform repository operations like clone, Add, Commit, push
  4. Create and merge branches in repository
  5. Create Build for your application
  6. Write custom test and create dynamic builds
  7. Create artefacts during CICD process
  8. Create deployment strategies and deploy application
  9. Create CICD Pipeline
  10. Integrate 3rd party applications to pipeline

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