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4 Hour Live Training on Microsoft Power BI Desktop

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Course Overview

About the Course :

Many people think Power BI is for advanced developers. In truth, it was developed with everyday users in mind. Microsoft developed this to “Enable everyone at every level of your organization to make confident decisions using up-to-the-minute analytics.”

This 4-hour session will introduce you to how Power BI solves problems and answers questions effectively with the most powerful, yet user-friendly tools on the market.

This class is a survey of the entire report development process, so you will get a chance to perform all the steps. We’ll connect to data sources, clean, transform and load data, create a basic data model, and create compelling data visualizations.

This class is designed for people with no Power BI knowledge. If you have reached the limits of what Excel can do, join us for this short course to take the first step in learning how Power BI can give life to your data and help you make data-driven decisions quickly

Who is the Target Audience?
Business professionals, business analyst, IT analyst, financial analyst, project manager, program manager, consultant, and business intelligence analyst to name a few. Anyone who makes decisions and uses up-to-the-minute data to support those decisions would benefit from this class.

Basic Knowledge:
A bit of Excel knowledge is helpful, but it is not required

What You’ll Learn

Course Objective :

  • Connect To Multiple Data Sources and Extract Specific Data.
  • Perform Common Transformations in The Power Query Editor
  • Create Relationships Between the Tables That You Load Into the Power BI Desktop
  • Create A Report with Multiple Visuals That Each Display a Different Insight into The Data
  • Use Slicers and The Filter Panel To ‘Slice and Dice’ the Data
  • Use Artificial Intelligence Tools to Create Quick and Impressive Visuals
  • Explore The Custom Visuals Marketplace for An Overview of The Huge Variety of Visuals Available

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