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3 Hour Live Virtual Training on Microsoft PowerPoint from Beginner to Advanced

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3 Hour(s)

Course Overview

About the Course
Do you want to learn PowerPoint beyond bullet points? Stop creating presentations like everyone else! Set your presentations apart and master its advanced capabilities.Learn useful tips and tricks that will wow your audience. Enhance your slide decks with custom animation, add an impressive video to get your point across. Use action buttons and hyperlinks to add interactivity which will streamline your presentation. Easily create attractive more appealing graphics that grab your audience so they can “see” what you are saying. Sign up now!

Who is the Target Audience?
Anybody with basic knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint

Basic Knowledge:
Prior PowerPoint knowledge is not needed.

What You’ll Learn

Course Objective

  • Work efficiently by using design templates and the slide masters
  • Utilize the notes and handouts features of PowerPoint
  • How to enhance presentations using SmartArt graphics
  • Effectively use custom animations and transitions
  • Successfully integrate audio and video media into your presentations
  • How to create a slide show with hyperlinks and action buttons
  • How to record a presentation
  • Make a video out of your PowerPoint slides
  • Collaborate, share and save presentations online with others

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