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Greener and Fair: Electronics Getting Stronger Roots

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Course Overview

TÜV Rheinland organised a webinar on green electronics, in which world renowned speakers shared their professional views on the impacts of ICT and electronics, the ICT supply chain, and sustainable IT revolution. Thanks to the permission from TUV, this webinar can now be accessed on Matters Academy.

Through this sharing, we hope you will have a better understanding on the occupational health and safety aspects of IT, as well as the hotspots and policies in ICT supply chains, and sustainable IT revolutions in ECO-labels.

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What You’ll Learn

  Session 1        Impacts and Drivers for Change > mobilised
  Session 2        Safeguarding OHS in supply chain
  Session 3        ICT Hotspots and Policy Instruments
  Session 4        Navigating the Sustainable IT revolution with ECO-labels

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