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Course Information

Registration period
Year-round Recruitment
Study Mode
18 Month(s)

Course Overview

  1. One programme, two awards
  2. Affordable and competitive tuition
  3. Assessments are 100% coursework
  4. Flexible, self-paced study with all modules delivered online
  5. Practical business curriculum, no stressful examinations
  6. MEd is achievable in around 1 year

What You’ll Learn

The MEd has a total of 90 ECTS credits and comprises of 6 regular modules at 10 ECTS credits each and a Work-based Project at 30 ECTS credits.

The modules are:

  - Educational Leadership and Management
  - Instructional Leadership and Management
  - Strategic Management and Leading Change
  - Digital Leadership in Education
  - Organisational Culture and School Improvement
  - Research in Educational Leadership and Management
  - Work-based Learning Project (must relate to the chosen specialization)

Students should use a range of quantitative and qualitative methods for providing information and evaluating options, and will need to demonstrate an in-depth critical understanding of the chosen aspect of education and management problem solving and decision-making skills and techniques..

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