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Advanced Excel Formula Techniques, Time-Saving Functions and Charting Tips

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4 Hour(s)

Course Overview

About the Course

To help ensure that everyone who works on the same workbook can understand what formulas and calculations are doing, it is important to use cell and range names. While cell references can be used to identify where formulas are getting information to calculate data, it is not always obvious. Excel allows you to give individual cells and cell ranges names, and then use those names in formulas and functions. Then, you can tell at just a glance what data is being used.

While the basic functions in Excel cover the majority of use cases, there are some situations where a specialized function is more appropriate. In order to find and use specialized functions, you must be familiar with their syntax and understand how they work on a fundamental level.

While pure data can be analyzed by those familiar with this data and the tools that Excel provides, sometimes you need graphical assistance to help interpret it. Additionally, charts are an enormous help when people do not have time to study the data and only need a brief overview of the relevant information. Over the course of this topic, you will learn how to create charts of different types, using different methods.


What You’ll Learn

Course Objective

  • Apply range names
  • Use specialized functions
  • Use text functions
  • Use logical functions
  • Use lookup functions
  • Use date functions
  • Use financial functions
  • Create charts
  • Modify and format existing charts
  • Create a trendline
  • Create advanced charts

Skills covered in this course

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