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Professional English Emails - Write Clearly and Effectively

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  • 14 Feb 2023 (Tue) 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • 21 Mar 2023 (Tue) 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Course Level
Study Mode
3 Hour(s)

Course Overview

About the Course
In this course, you will improve your English email writing skills, whether you need to write emails to a colleague or a friend, whether you need to be formal or casual, whether you are writing to someone you don’t know or someone you’ve known for years--you will be able to handle anything. The key will be looking at examples of clearly-written emails in real-life situations.

For each email, we will explore a scenario and go through the example in detail, pulling out methods, tips, structures, idioms, phrases, grammar, and vocabulary. We will also discuss more complex things, like creating the right tone, ensuring the correct level of formality, communicating ideas effectively, and much more.

Of course, it will be crucial to practice what you learn. Each example we look at will be provided in PDFs so that you can use them as templates for your emails. Put what you learn into practice, and you will see the results.

Who is the Target Audience?
Professionals who frequently rely on emails for work and need to improve the clarity of their writing. University students who need to communicate effectively with teachers and fellow students.

Basic Knowledge:
A basic ability to understand spoken English.

Some history of writing emails for work or school.

What You’ll Learn

Course Objective
Some of the specific things you will learn i

Skills covered in this course

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