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[M926] Legal Seminar on False Trade Description and Mis-selling

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Course Information

  • 2 Jun 2023 (Fri) 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Registration period
6 Feb 2023 (Mon) - 1 Jun 2023 (Thu)
HKD 1,500
Course Level
Study Mode
1 Day(s)
19/F K Wah Centre 191 Java Road North Point Hong Kong

Course Overview

Legal Seminar on False Trade Description and Mis-selling


Nowadays business in Hong Kong needs to guard against false trade descriptions involve in documents and mis-selling products, which may impose criminal liabilities.
Through review of recent cases, this seminar aims at providing practical and useful understanding of the elements of false trade descriptions to non-legal professionals in Hong Kong. It aims at enabling participants to avoid such criminal legal traps and to safeguard their personal and enterprise interests.



Trainer Profile:

  • Practising Barrister(s)

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Should you have any questions, please free feel to contact Ms. Joanne Chan during office hour.

Tel: (852) 6050 8153                Email: training@hkqaa.org

Office Hour: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday to Friday)

What You’ll Learn

Course Content(s):
  • Overview of Trade Description Ordinance (Cap. 362)
  • Application of trade description into services
  • Offences in respects of trade description
  • False, misleading or incomplete information
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Trade descriptions dos and don'ts
  • Vicarious liabilities
  • Case studies and review


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