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  • 25 Mar 2023 (Sat)
Registration period
17 Nov 2022 (Thu) - 25 Mar 2023 (Sat)
HKD 73,500
(Tuition fee for Members: HK$73,500;Tuition fee for Non-members:HK$73,500)
Study Mode

Course Overview

Why choose University of Huddersfield?

Fully recognized in the UK

Same qualification of the home programme offered in the UK

Top-up Degree for Diploma and Associate Degree holders

Taught by UK faculty with intensive teaching block and supporting online resources

Top 10 in England for international student satisfaction and teaching excellence

QF Level 4 and BTEC Level 5 graduates are eligible to apply

Attainable in 1 year: 6 taught modules

What You’ll Learn

Programme Structure

The full BA(Hons) Global Marketing programme comprises 360 credits. Qualified students entering the Hong Kong programme are automatically given 240 credits exemption from the full programme and can usually complete the programme over a period of twelve months.

Year 3
(120 Credits)

    Cross Cultural Studies

    Digital and Social Media Marketing

    International Business

    International Marketing

    Public Relations and Sponsorship

    Strategy in Context

Year 2
120 Credits Exemption
(Qualified Candidates are exempted from this year)

Year 1
120 Credits Exemption
(Qualified Candidates are exempted from this year)

Study Format

All six modules will be conducted through an offshore Intensive Seminar block teaching mode. Each module will generally has an eight week study schedule as follows:

Week 1Pre-reading and Structured Study Group Meeting Weekday
(6pm – 10pm)
Week 2Saturday
(2pm – 10pm)
(9am – 5pm)
Week 3Weekday 1
(6pm – 10pm)
Weekday 2
(6pm – 10pm)
(2pm – 10pm)
(9am – 5pm)
Week 4Self-study Revision Coursework 
Week 5Structured Study Group Meeting Weekday
(6pm – 10pm)
Week 6Self-study Revision Coursework 
Week 7Examination 
Week 8Break 

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