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DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE Fundamentals

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Course Overview

This 2-day course is created and instructed by Marc Hornbeek, known as DevOps_the_Gray. Marc is a globally recognized DevOps expert and author of the book “Engineering DevOps. Marc’s course provides a uniquely thorough introduction to DevOps, DevSecOps and SRE terminology, concepts, and practices. The course is delivered in eight modules, each with an exercise and quiz.


What You’ll Learn

The course covers culture, processes and technologies aspects of continuous quality assurance strategies, CI/CD pipelines, continuous delivery, continuous deployment strategies, continuous security, value stream management, Site Reliability Engineering, SLOs/SLIs, Toil reduction, Chaos engineering, Assessments of current state, value stream maps, creation of implementation roadmaps, future evolution, and strategies for continuous learning.

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