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3 Days Live Training on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

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Course Overview

About the Course
Six Sigma is a disciplined data-driven approach for reducing variation in any process – from manufacturing to transactional and thereby eliminating defects. The goal is to achieve near perfection (3.4 defects per million opportunities). Process improvements and variation reduction are achieved through the application of Six Sigma improvement projects, which in turn, are executed following either the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control) or DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Verify) methodologies. Green Belts are the key players in the execution of Six Sigma improvement projects.

In addition to above some of the assignments will be given to participants depending on the profile and participation, as examples

Create Project Charter or SIPOC or high level VSM, Affinity diagram, CTQ tree, Kano model, Providing data sets and asking them to create Pareto, Histogram, Process flow map or relevant control charts, calculate Process Capability, Yield or Sigma ratings, Scatter plot, FMEA, Simple Linear Regression, Prioritization Matrix etc.

What You’ll Learn

Course Objective
This workshop is aimed at achieving the follCourse Objective

This workshop is aimed at achieving the following:

Implementing Six Sigma Green Belt projects will enable the organization to: Reduce process variations, Exceed customer expectations &, Drive productivity and growth Enhanced professional profile to handle challenging business situations.

Decision making capabilities based on a data driven, structured and systematic approach (DMAIC) Competency to drive breakthrough improvements in key business processes You can get more details about Six Sigma benefits as explained.

Who is the Target Audience?
Professionals with an interest in Six Sigma methodologies.

Managers interested in starting a Six Sigma program for their organization.

Professionals who want to earn the Green Belt certification.

Students in their 3rd or final year of engineering, Post graduate students

Basic Knowledge
Ability to understand concepts.

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