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3 Hour(s)

Course Overview

About the Course
In this course you are going to learn about Google Data Studio right from the beginning. You will learn to create various types of Data Visualization charts and Business Intelligence report that can be used to find some critical insights from the dataset that can help in decision making process by individuals and organizations. Visualization charts compress vast amount of data and present them in simplified and visually attractive manner. And when you combine multiple types of charts, you can create an Analytics dashboard or BI report that provides you will all the information in abstract manner.

The skills learned in this course could be used for various types of roles in domains such as Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Business Intelligence and Data Science. In this course you will learn to create and customize various types of charts such as- Pie, Bar, Ring, Treemap, Google Map, Heat map, Bubble chart, time series chart, and much more.

Here you are going to learn about various concepts with hands-on practical examples such as-

  • Creating a Business Intelligence Report and adding visualization charts
  • Adding a Map chart and customizing various properties
  • Creating a Treemap chart and adding filter
  • Adding Timeseries chart for Dynamic dashboard
  • Adding Controllers- Input box and Drop down list
  • Downloading and sharing a BI report
  • Uploading a csv dataset to create a BI report
  • Adding Text and finding insights from the dataset using interactive charts
  • Data Blending using Joins- Left Outer, Right Outer, Inner, Full outer, Cross

Moreover, you would also learn more concepts with examples such as working on Analytics data from Google Analytics and YouTube channel.


What You’ll Learn

Course Objective

Learn to create Business Intelligence Report using various visualization charts in Google Data Studio

Who is the Target Audience?

Learn to create Business Intelligence Report using various visualization charts in Google Data Studio

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