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Keeping Traffic Noise in Bay in Hong Kong - Feasible or Impossible?

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Similar to other metropolitan cities, Hong Kong is of no exception that road traffic noise has become the most severe environmental noise problem that affects large number of citizens.

In 2000, there were about 1.1 million residents exposed daily to high levels of road traffic noise in Hong Kong. This was attributable to a combination of factors including scarcity of habitable land, a sharp increase of population and huge demand of transportation to support economic growth.

To keep the noise problem at bay, the Hong Kong Government is taking proactive actions following a 4-pronged approach in a holistic manner.

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This lecture summarizes the way the Hong Kong Government deals with road traffic noise problem and examines the effectiveness of these approaches. It also discusses the options of further and enhanced measures covering various aspects and fronts to reduce the size of traffic noise problem broadly.

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