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How Green are your Jeans? Insights into Innovation & Resource Efficiency

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Course Overview

TÜV Rheinland organised a webinar on green jeans and sustainable fashion, in which world renowned speakers shared their professional views on the impacts of denim on the environment, and what NGOs, brands, and manufacturers are doing in response. Thanks to the permission from TUV, this webinar can now be accessed on Matters Academy.

Through this sharing, we hope you will become more aware of the footprint denim has on the world, and have a better understanding on sustainable practices in the fashion and apparel industry, including the application of state of the art technology, employing sustainable processes, and opting for sustainable fibres.

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What You’ll Learn

Session 1        Our beloved denim: Impacts
Session 2        Nature Speaks, NGO Acts: WWF
Session 3        Consumer Demands, Brand Responds: Orta
Session 4        Proactive Manufacturers with vision: US Denim Mills
Session 5        Experience & Knowledge applied: Cleaner Production Institute

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