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Certificate in Sustainability for Finance (Cert SF) – 80% Subsidised Professional Course at ACCA

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Course Overview

Certificate in Sustainability for Finance (Cert SF) – 80% Subsidised Professional Course at ACCA

Sustainability is one of the burning issues of our times and is relevant to us all, regardless of where we live or how we earn our living.

In an uncertain world, make sure that you’re future ready. Our Professional Certificate in Sustainability for Finance will provide you with the tools to adapt and succeed – upskilling you for a brighter future.

This certificate is open for global registration. For our learners in Hong Kong: this programme is eligible under the 'Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme' (Programme code: GTP-372230), offering up to 80% reimbursement upon successful completion of the course.  Please note that only the full certificate is eligible, not any of the five courses that are available for individual purchase.

What You’ll Learn

By completing this certificate, you will be able to:

  • explain why sustainability is important to society, to organisations, and to finance professionals
  • evaluate business value chains, business models and business practices for sustainability and related issues
  • define climate change risks and the financial implications associated with these risks, as well as understand the reporting frameworks for climate risk disclosures
  • explain the UN SDGs, their significance for organisations in terms of risks and opportunities and the definitions of impact
  • explain why ESG issues are important for your organisation and evaluate processes and systems for collecting, analysing and reporting ESG information
  • explain why sustainability analytics is important for your organisation and evaluate the approach for compiling, analysing and interpreting ESG data.


About this certificate

As organisations are rebuilding from the pandemic, there is a growing desire for a transformative and sustainable global recovery. Accountants and finance professionals have an important part to play in helping organisations adapt as they adopt the sustainable practices required to prevent resource depletion, facilitate long term success, and build a more sustainable future.

The Certificate in Sustainability for Finance, consisting of five courses covering 16 hours of learning, will allow finance teams to gain the skills and knowledge to enable them to confidently lead on sustainability issues in their organisations.

  • Self-paced interactive learning
  • The certificate is made up of five courses (which are also available to purchase individually)
  • Complete all five courses and pass the assessment to gain your certificate and digital badge to show your knowledge
  • The assessment (made up of 25 questions) has a 50% pass mark and there are three attempts allowed.



  • An introduction to sustainability for finance professionals
  • Climate risk and reporting for finance professionals
  • Sustainable Development Goals and their impact for finance professionals
  • ESG performance and metrics for finance professionals
  • Sustainability analytics for finance professionals


Additional Information

Standard: 255 GBP
(ACCA Members will enjoy a special rate at 200 GBP)

Eligible Hong Kong learners can claim up to 80% reimbursement through the local government's Pilot Green and Sustainable Finance Capacity Building Support Scheme.

Effort required
16 hours (you can earn 16 verifiable CPD units)

Learning mode

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