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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Course For Beginners

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16 Mar 2020 (Mon) - 16 Jul 2020 (Thu)
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Course Overview


Updated the entire course to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) (Updated November 2018)

If you are a Programmer or Business Analyst or Existing non-Microsoft Solutions Consultant or want to be a Dynamics 365 Consultant, this is the best course to start your learning journey to earn more.



"Overall, this course has been very helpful. I went from not even knowing what Microsoft CRM was to having a good basic understanding of the interface and features of the software. This course has definitely been worth doing and the instructor is great!" - Tyler Martin

"Before starting this course I never heard about Microsoft Dynamic 365 (CRM), one of my friend suggested me to just dirty your hands with MS Dynamic 365 (CRM). Actually I am coming development background so initially its look boring for me but after understanding about Dynamic 365 (CRM), I enjoyed this course very much. Looking forward to join another course. Thanks a lot Abhay. Great work." - Ram Thakkar

"As a complete beginner in this Software this has been very helpful and informative so far. Thank you!" - Aleksander Penev

"It is a very sweet lecture, despite being free. He took his time to explain every details you need to know about MS Dynamics. I am SugarCRM certified developer and willing to dive into MS Dynamics. I will Surely register for more of your courses in future. Thanks Abhay Sharma." - Aremu Habibullahi

"This was a very good course, I am just starting to use Dynamics CRM and this course was very helpful." - Orlando Sanders

"With no experiences in CRM, attending this course was really huge benefits. It guide you trough everything and I like the bonus in end of this course. I will recommended this course to anyone who would like to get into CRM." - Ahmad Hassan

"Thank you so much for creating the course. I enjoyed the learning about the CRM platform. I hope to take more courses in the future to further my career in ICT. Much appreciated" - Seraz Khan

And thousands of positive reviews...


Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) is a Enterprise Business Solution by Microsoft.

ll have complete understanding of all four apps and much more... plus, this is a complete practical course.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the hottest and fastest growing business solution in the market.

The average salary of the Dynamics 365 Consultant is $85,000 - $100,000 Per Annum which will continue to grow.

What you'll learn

  • Module 1: Get Started With Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Module 2: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Sales Overview
  • Module 3: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Customer Service Overview
  • Module 4: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Project Service Automation (PSA) Overview
  • Module 5: Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Field Service Overview
  • Module 6: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Other Important Features

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